Our Wide Range Of Storage Services Options Include:

PERSONAL EFFECTS STORAGE: Your personal belongings and household effects are stored in private locked units designed and fitted to your needs. You have the keys. Full insurance is available. We can become the extra storage room that you are missing in your home!
COMMERCIAL STORAGE: Importer, distributor, manufacturer- before spending money on renting a new facility, examine our low cost, full service options. We receive and store your raw material, packaging material, or finished goods and deliver them to you upon demand. All this and more at just a fraction of the cost that you would normally have to spend on your own.
ARCHIVE STORAGE: crowding your office with excess papers and files! With just one telephone call, we can collect, store and maintain your documents for you. Retrieval is just a phone call away. So whatever business you are in, we can streamline your document handling for you. You'd be surprised how much extra space your office will have!


Before making your decision to store your goods, we strongly suggest that you visit our warehouse and see it for yourself! Visiting our facility is invaluable!

Our premises are fully secured and protected with:
• Camera surveillance
• Area and contact alarm system with remote and direct contact to Moked 99, Israel's premier security company
• Local municipal security company patrol
• All night private security guard on premises
• Storage areas are locked at all times and visitors to each area are escorted by our personnel
• Private units are locked - you have the key!

Fire & Safety Control:
• State-of-the-art fire detection and sprinkler system in each private storage unit
• General smoke detection system under remote surveillance of Moked 99 • Non-smoking regulations enforced in all buildings

Cleanliness & Pest Control:
• Facilities are cleaned regularly by our staff and undergo weekly inspections
• An independent exterminator visits our facility once a month for regular preventive pest control

• Full insurance is available through our insurance carrier with no deductible to our clients. We have been with the same insurance company for 22 years.
• The insurance includes fire, burglary, earthquake, natural disaster and acts of terrorism.
• Option to self-insure or cover through ones' own insurance company is possible.
Century Storage Ltd - personal effects storage
Century Storage Ltd - commercial storage
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Century Storage Ltd - archive storage